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The Prime Wealthability is an e-learning program that provides to you a set of modules with essential training, a foundation, for the development of primal wealth ability ( or the ability to generate, care, nurture and sustain wealth).

Restore, harmonize, adjust your perception & relationship with your own current, past and future wealth, property and money. Purify, activate, nurture your earth element.


 Wealthability – 4+ Weeks e-learning 

e-Learning Platform

@ Trainengage, Prime Wealth Quick Sylver e-Learning Program 

Quick Start in Prime Wealth-ability with just 180.00 EUR / Month


Develop the ability to feel gratitude, joy and happiness for own wealth, property and money; to perceive them as an expression of love and self love, as a blessing for your life, dreams, visions and freedoms, for your family, community and culture, for peace and life care, for heritage.


  • welcome@luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info
  • skype @ luisdanielmaldonadofonken  (Message: Quick Sylver)

Detail, information on the e-learning program quicksylver, demo, and interview with the author and e-trainer.


  • E-book with the content of the e-learning Program, Prime Wealthability CHAPTERS 0-7/9, foundation training for the Prime Wealthability WHITE BELT.
  • GYM9 Trainings, essential practices, techniques and methods for the enhancement of wealthability
  • Purification of the earth element practices. ( The idea of “purification” is of a transformational process with the aim of change of habits and patterns, shift them into those that enhance wealthability )
  • Advice, comments and answer to individuals questions by private message and collective e-forum.
  • At the e-learning platform you will find images, charts, audio and video guidance.
  • (Optional, not included in price: Skype Coaching, and Wealthability assessment)


The e-book has the text content. At the e-learning platform you will find images, charts, audio and video guidance as well you are welcome to request  coaching (skype) and assessment tools training.

  • CHAPTER ZERO:  Welcome
  • CHAPTER ONE: About the Wealthability e-learning program
  • CHAPTER TWO: e-Learning with strategy.
  • CHAPTER THREE: Introduction to the Prime Wealthability e-learning Program.
  • CHAPTER FOUR: The Wisdom of the Golden Seed of Wealth
  • CHAPTER FIVE: Wealth eaters and wealthability enhancers
  • CHAPTER SIX:  Quick Sylver e-Training modules, alchemy methods and practices in order to make it tangible!
    • Prime Breathing
    • Embracing the earth element
    • The 1 gr Gold Training
    • Wealth holding and retention
    • Perception
    • CHAPTER SEVEN: 3 purifications of the earth element: learning my perceiving and experiencing.
    • CHAPTER EIGHT: Learning by playing, 2 missions.
    • CHAPTER NINE: Learning by doing, 1 application project.








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