Prime Wealth

The Prime Wealthability is an e-learning program that provides to you a set of modules with essential training, a foundation, for the development of primal wealth ability ( or the ability to generate, care, nurture and sustain wealth).

Restore, harmonize, adjust your perception & relationship with your own current, past and future wealth, property and money. Purify, activate, nurture your earth element. 


  • WHAT IS WEALTHABILITYPrime Wealthability is a e-learning Program dedicated to:
    • Restore, harmonize, adjust your perception & relationship with your own current, past and future wealth, property and money. Purify, activate, nurture your earth element.
    • Develop the ability to feel gratitude, joy and happiness for your own wealth, property and money; to perceive them as an expression of love and self love, as a blessing for your life, family, culture and human species.
    • Help yourself reach a state of harmony and collaboration with the nurturing resources, forces and sources of your own life.


    • When  individuals, families, networks or cultures nurture negative feelings, ideas, concepts and emotions towards money, wealth and property they do create a conflict for themselves in relation to the earth element.


  • PURPOSE:What means happiness and peace? Why is the earth element so important?
    • Which is the relationship between Wealth, Property, Money & Peace?
    • Why Wealth, property and money are key for peace, family, culture, life care and heritage.
    • Why is the earth element so important for life?

    We will answer these questions along the e-learning process towards the prime wealthability knowledge.


    The Wealthability Training Program will help you

    • reach true happiness with own wealth.
    • master own wealth.
    • generate wealth.
    • self love and love through wealth.
    • care for peace, family, culture, life, heritage through wealth, property and money.
    • create wealthy business, professional skills, services, products or goods.
    • reach reconciliation between your heart and life with wealth, property and money.
    • experience joy, gratefulness and creativity with own wealth.

What is prime wealthability ?


“You may have alot of money, property and you may think you are wealthy. You may have very little money, no property, and you may think you are not wealthy. Prime Wealthability will bring you by a new perception on WEALTH, its sense, function, value, purpose. To know that your happiness is what your wealth creates, when you have a good, positive, harmoniouse relationship with your own wealth, property, money, skills, talents, life; and dedicated yourself to care for peace, family, culture, life and heritage.”- Odin Theta

QUICK SYLVERprimeweathability

 Quick Sylver Wealthability – 4 Weeks e-learning chapters 0-9
180.00 EUR / Month

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What is wealth ?

Where it comes from, how is it generated, for what is wealth used?

Questions that not only modern world, human kind,  have tried to answer, but ancient and primal human species on earth had as well

Wealth defined as property can include money, as land or infra-estructure, technology or even patents, documents, or intellectual property, arts objects.

For some cultures, property includes culture, peace, rights, duties, politics, government, and industry or economy, DNA, and other values associated to heritage, legacy and family.

Is human kind wealthy ? as species ?

Wealth should include the ability to generate wealth, sustain it in time, use it according to own ethical guidelines.

May wealth be used for the care of peace, family, culture, life, heritage; then would the species have more chances for survival, there for continue in a state of wealth longer. This possibility, considered as a variable, increases the wealth factor of a community, culture, family, or individual.

Which would be the ideal variables of wealth to be considered for the management of own life, decision making, choices, preferences?

Lets redefine wealth, lets use the term: prime wealth :

Lets make a list.

  • Property
    • Money
    • Digital money
    • Alternative currencies
    • Technology
    • Machinery
    • Information
    • Land
    • Infra-estructure
    • Patents
    • Intellectual property
    • Creator property
    • Resources
    • Natural resources (flora, fauna, geo-resources, others)
  • Tangible capacity of application/use of
    • Abilities, skills
    • Capacity
    • Knowledge
    • Information
    • Process
    • Resources
    • Thinking
    • Perception
    • Learning
    • Creation
    • Doing
    • Developing
    • Sustaining
  • Resilient capacity of a
    • Family
    • Clan
    • Family House
    • Community
    • Network
    • Nation
    • Culture
    • Country
    • Continent
    • Planet
    • Species
  • Tangible Capacity of Management  of  own Economy by the practice of:
    • Sales
    • Purchasing
    • Trading
    • Gifts
    • Sharing – Collective use
    • Up-cycling
    • Use of financial products
    • Innovation
    • Creation
    • Production
    • Research
  • Self-sustainability
  • Authonomy
  • Peace, culture, family, life care
  • Heritage, Legacy
  • Capacity of increasing, perfecting
    • Consciousness
    • Self-awareness
    • Capacity of Living from the heart
    • Lovability
    • Emotional Intelligence, use of emotions, feelings, positive and balanced living, emotional self-management
    • Communication, collaboration, cocreation
    • Self-expression

Can we now create the Math for wealth ?

This site will be dedicated to discuss wealth from the point of view of the prime culture and the primes, as well discuss on wealth definitions and approaches developed by human kind along its history=present=past=future; and other alternative visions of wealth created by human kind or perceived, as feasible, wished or possible.



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