MISSION EARTH 9 – THE PURPOSE OF WEALTH ( first series of practices)

MISSION EARTH 9 – THE PURPOSE OF WEALTH ( first series of practices)

Luis will share and practice this comming tuesday, at the forest of Espo the first series of ” earth purifying practices” for every one interested to turn back wealth for humanity.

The Golden Forest Activity



Wealth should care for peace, family, culture, life and heritage.

The earth element which is the most powerful of the 9 elements after the heart and the divine heart, has the power to control minds, perception, behaviour of every one that utilizes it.

Everytime you receive money, property, goods, gifts or any form of wealth, you also receive the imprint, traces, of patterns that the previouse owner of the “wealth” earth element had utilized in order to gain, earn, develop, nurture or create own wealth.

As you know on earth the earth element has been developing a very strange degenerative-transformative-mechanical behaviour and function for life pattern which has created/nurtured the kind of society and global culture we have now and the future that will unfold from it out of science, technology, culture, government, education and perception on what life is and how should be, or what humans and human life is for.

How to change human kind destiny, created, sustained and implanted in human behaviour patterns and consciousness as a program, through the earth element and root chackra?

There are several practices you can apply and utilize in orde to become a transformative generator of wealth, in order to take over management of wealth on planet earth and become a wealth generator for a human kind future in a golden age, a heart based consciousness global culture and society in union with divine source, the source of all that is, have been and will be.

The first series of practices dedicated to transform the patterns imprinted on the earth element on human body, individual, collective and family, as well as on money and wealth, of own self and own culture, will be shared by LUIS along this Golden Forest Practice.

Consider that if 1% of the world owns most of the world, is responsibility of every human to take over the management of own wealth instead of rejecting the responsibility on the earth element. The aversion to “words” like money and fear to money and power, is the sign of fear towards the responsibility on the earth element management. By taking action in teh field of self transformation towards spiritual self responsibility, unio with the source of all that is has been and will be within our own hearts, becomming masters of own self, self masters, humans might achieve mastery on own perceptions, feelings, elements, body, mind, family, culture and finally own wealth. To be fearful towards money or wealth does not help human kind to shift to a more advanced culture or society. A heart based consciousness golden age is as well an age of wealth, where every human is self-master of own wealth.

The practices to be shared at the Golden forest will bring you by stages and elements on this path.



Here some information on earth element you are welcome to review:

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