(ENQUIRE) In which stage of love are set your life priorities ?

(ENQUIRE) In which stage of love are set your life priorities ?

Most of the 7 billions humans on the planet would feel satisfied by not giving or giving one euro for charity, but not for not eating that icecream or not taking that trip or buying that book that planned for themselves for so long.

Human priorities are set based on wants, not on divine perception, and for most of humans that claim to be spirtual, their requests in the name of a higher good are based on wants, again, not anchored in divine perception.

There for, priorities of human kind are as important as the level of consciousness human kind expresses

  • Which is the stage of love you life your life with ?
  • Act with honor, set your life priorities acchording to a higher stage of love!
  • Take responsibility of the life of your species consciously!



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