ALCHEMY, HAPPINESS & THE EARTH ELEMENT Change your life and become wealthy with LOVE & SELF-LOVE

Change your life and become wealthy with LOVE & SELF-LOVE

Why human species on earth is not happy ? What can be done in order to shift human species destiny ?


Have you ever negative emotions or feelings in your perception on wealth, money or property ? if yes, you may create a self destructive pattern which will be carried generation after generation. Maybe it is learned, or cultural or trendy.

Observe the behaviour of modern countries, governments, communities, organizations, families or individuals, that have not cared for holding a positive perception, relationship and value of wealth, money and property.

Know that the earth element is in everythig that nurtures, heal and protect your life.

When an individual develop such negative thoughts for nature, for the living principle behind life, within own life, it also acts against the earth element expressed within own body. Sicknesses, and relationships, decision making drama created for the self rejection of the earth element may define your destiny.

If a business manager develops greed and burn out most of employees for reaching more wealth, the money he gives as wages has the same pattern of perception and imprinted behaviour. When the money is received by the bank accounts, the earth element enters the earth chakra and reprogram all behaviour of the employee (A company culture influence) as the earth element is extremely powerful.

It is actually more powerful than water. If your earth element has been programmed, will change inmeditaly your whole life.

As you see, in the previouse examples, the individual can make out of the earth element a positive world, where individuals care for peace, family, culture, life and heritage; where money wealth and property are dedicated to happiness, but if the approach and perception, emotions and throught they imprint to wealth, money and property are negative and self destructive, the individual will harm himself and the world with own wealth.

Wealth, property, money, jewels, are expressions of the principle of the earth element.

The state of mind and the heart is very important for mastering the earth element powerful influence on us, to know our energy, emotions, thoughts, living system, interdependency and collaboration rules with nature and life, he importance of family, culture and heritage.

The ability of perceiving self love and love in our own wealth, property and money is just the starting point for change.

The day humanity start loving own self and loving each other, wealth property and money will start working on its favor and will empower the dreams visions, freedom of individuals, families, communities, nations, cultures, governments.

Wealth, money, property, are available to human kind on earth as for peace, family, culture and life care and heritage.

There are in nature life principles, in the ancient nature based technology the perception and knowledge of the 9 elements was very impotant, as those elements where the source of life, and created together the frame, nurturing substances, blue prints and inttelligence of self sustained and self organized, self evolving life.

The e-learning program “Wealthability” will help you understand the principles operating behind the earth element and how to harness them for your own happinness.

The alchemy, transmutation, of the information imprinted on the earth element is key, as only through our perception change, shift of emotional information (associated to the earth element) our behavour will change and there for our life will change. Alchemy, transmutation, change, transformation is what this e-learning program will bring to you by..

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