” I dont want money “

“I DO NOT WANT MONEY”I am sure you have heard this:

– It is not about money
– Money is not good
– Money created the problems of the world
– Money is evil
– Money is the reasons of world poverty
– The most important thing isnt money

What is then about?

Happiness! and Love!

People want to feel happy, enjoy their lifes, live their dreams and feel free, creative and empowered, feel happy.

It is about giving value to the real wealth we bring and are capable to share with our world, and from our heart, how this positive loving presence create the world we live in.

But you know what, this wealth within your heart, the ability to live in community, in family, in the world, and make your dreams, visions, mission and freedoms true, is deeply related to the earth element.

From all the essence of nature laws and principles the earth element is that one that brings joy, happiness and fun to your life as thanks to it you are alive.

The soil isnt transportable, nor your land, or house where you live in, but money is. So money represent a value, of the earth element, it holds is energy principle and function, and can be utilized for peace, love, family, life and culture care, as well as for heritage.

When we understand that wealth is more about being fully human in our own capabilities.

On the other side, there is nothing you can receive that would pay for what you have given, there is no way to compare the value of what you give for a person or circumstance, that is why wealth ability is not about paying but giving a gift to the ones you love and appreciate, for their freedom, dreams and vision to become true.


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