A new story of money and wealth. A new 300 pages e-book on Peace from the point of view on wealth, property and money.


A new story of money and wealth. A new 300 pages e-book on Peace from the point of view on wealth, property and money.

Peace need to be filled with happy people that do in the world their heart loving presence, caring for their families, life, culture and heritage.

I think, wealth, property and money are necessary, for the world to be in peace and happy

In ancient times, kings would decide to cancel all the debts, reformulate all prices at their markets, change taxes, and start over economies for the purpose of liberating 5 generations of struggle as for wealth, debts and economy reasons. Their aim was to care for the kingdom happiness

This type of decisions can hardly been seen now in the Corporate kingdoms, in the democratic property and in the religiouse kingdoms.

What can be done then?

Maybe to ask to higher instances for support, advice and change would be a good idea.

How wealth is utilized for human species survival, cultural and social global development, to care for the shifting consciousness process globally, is what one would like to learn.

But who should learn it? reach people or the ones that have not yet understood how to live in harmony and positive nuruturing relationship with the earth element? with wealth?

Not every rich is happy and not every poor needs more than shelter, food, and health to be happy.

Consider that there is a key that would bring both together in harmony, collaboration and joy?

A conscious effort is necessary, at the field of human subconscious minds and hearts, bodies, families, cultures, societies, history, religions, kingdoms and corporations. THis conscious effort need to be done in order to reach a new global culture

A golden age where communities build around within a field of consciousness they share, while they shift their consciousness and move to another location or community. Where travelers are about to rise the planetary global consciousness. When individuals shift to collective consciousness and learn the art of collaboration.

There is so much to do at the field of the earth element.

But how to do it.

I have been working on nature principles for several years, on human factor and collaboration, personal development since 1987, on business, culture and spirituality.

How to bring all my knowledge together for people to understand wealth, property and money are not only wonderful but a sign of evolution and development?

How to bring by the fact that one needs to understand first teh purpose of teh earth element and organic life process of development, which is radical, primal, in order to understand human society? and the potential survival of human species?

I am completing a book, now over 300 pages, dedicated to wealth, property and money. THis book is itself a self education process, utilized for an e-learning program.

I think this is the best i can do at the moment, for every one.

– A new story of money
– Several chapters exploring on wealthability, wealth, property, money and their relationship with the earth element, with peace, family, life, culture and heritage.
– How to purify the earth element
– A set of wonderful Trainings of 9 minutes
– Projects for learning by doing
– Self-assessment tools and standard
– Complete chapters on key subjects like, family, spirituality, culture, technology, business
– Gamification of the self learning process, learning by playing
– Complementary materials, videos in text, chart
– Self study workbooks
– 9 Levels of technichal expertice in the field of wealthability

How to create a world of peace, from the point of view of our relationship with wealth ?

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