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I launched a radio program for fun, to care for the members and volunteers of my NGO, to promote sustainable living, peace life, culture care values and personal development as a key for changing our own life sna d world. These radio sessions, playing music, interviews, discussing with guests and travelers about key topics, brought much awareness to the location, and created a feeling of community, collaboration between each other. I am certain, little experiences like that could create wonderful impulses, seeds like that one, are triggers for change, as for hearts change, eyes open, love flow, and people come together in joy and collaboration. I remember with this radio program organized a travelers gathering, where travel stories were combined with friendship, appreciation for local culture and empowerment of global citizenship. It was fun, but as well an empowering work. The combination of both elements fun and spiritual empowerment for human earth, was a blessing for my life. Years later i will add adventure and eventually here and there one or another challenge. Some times fun wouldnt be there all the time, other times, adventure and some other times the circumstances where so clear that one had to accept the world change, but it needs time, people needs time, and even few are on high speed evolving the collective needs of every one in order to become a conscious human planet again… I appreciate so much the experiences of this radio program. The foundation they created in me never dessapeared nor dissolved, no matter what. I think i have perceived it as a jewel, of great value for my life, not only for what i learned but from what it empowered in my life, to know that fun, edventure can be there all the time, in any thing, if done with a design that belong to your own heart. :) so, i do have fun! and embrace this joy and presence, bliss in my life. Prime, primal, primordial wealth embrace all you are, all you have manifested, and will manifest
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