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Prime Wealthability The 27 Days QUICK SYLVER e-Learning PROGRAM

Prime Wealthability  

The 27 Days QUICK SYLVER e-Learning PROGRAM

The earth element, family, life, culture, heritage & peace
What is Wealthability?
The 9 Belts of Wealthability
What means alchemy ?
Time is money
e-BOOK – Prime Wealthability
18 Chapters, e-Worksbooks, Methods, 9 Belts for self-study
BUY IT NOW in PDF, 279 Pages

Coaching Sessions – Prime Wealthability

Wealthability Coaching Sessions

  • Wealthability Assessment
  • for the e-learning Process
  • for the application of prime wealthability

  • The individual wealthability assessment will be done along a skype session of 45 min, scheduled here.
  • Along the session wealthability assessment tools will be used.
  • The wealthability status report will be given few hours after the skype session with a personalized GYM9 micro trainings program and advice on how to approach the e-learning program better, a strategy will be suggested in order to maximize the benefits of the e-learning program.
  • The individual coaching for the wealthability assessment is included in the e-learning program price.
  • At the end of the e-learning process, you will be capable for a self-assessment of wealthability and to design your own wealthability development process and strategy.
  • Additional coaching sessions will be available under request for an additional fee.


please suggest here the date and hours, your time zone and other relevant information, questions you may have, as well as your skype ID to my e-mail: 

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken skype ID is : luisdanielmaldonadofonken