Welcome Message

Welcome Message

I am LUIS Daniel Maldonado Fonken, i am your coach and trainer in this online learning program dedicated to the development of wealthability.

If you are here today, is because you care for your own happiness and life, you have met a good decision! Congratulations.

Wealth is the mirror of what we have done with our talents in life. Our property, money, are only some of the tangible forms of wealth we develop along our life. I will be very glad to share with you more on the several forms of wealth that are available for you, to enjoy your life.

The earth element, on the other side, between the 9 essenses of the elements ( the 9 Elements of Life, according to Prime Technology), is the one that nurtures, sustain and generates wealth, and happiness;; we will try some purification techniques in order to help your earth element be aligned to nature laws and principles that care for life, to collaborate with the other 8 elements, and to empower your life.

In order to make it tangible i have created several micro training for you to develop specific skills, as well learning modules , each of them follows a unique learning modality, with practical and tangible assignments.

In order to make it tangible, your wealthability will be tested in daily life. Coaching and use of wealthability assessment tools and indicators will help you set realistic goals and a process step by step for the development of your wealthability and wealth.

I will share with you at the end of the learning program on Prime Technology, the core knowledge behind this learning program, which is based on nature principles, laws, and human heart based consciousness. As well give you insight into what will come next, on wealthability!

I wish you have fun and enjoy the wealthability journey



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